“…she’s such a mistress of precision mis-timings”

Click on link below to download PDF with information on the the series of recent and forthcoming works under the group title of MOTHER  LOAD.

From solo and duet live works to short film and video pieces, Grace is developing a suite of projects investigating and reflecting on relationships between parent and child.

Grace Surman Mother Load Info


Current Dates 2016/17

11-13 August: DanceBase Edinburgh – PERFORMANCE WITH HOPE – work in progress

28th September: York St John – THINGS STACK UP

30th September:Hull Truck -THINGS STACK UP/PERFORMANCE WITH HOPE – work in progress

26th October: Huddersfield Art Gallery -FILM WITH HOPE

30th October: Juncture Festival Leeds – FILM WITH HOPE

13th of November: Arnolfini – Yournamelitupinneonlights

21st April 2017: Transform Festival Leeds – THINGS STACK UP/PERFORMANCE WITH HOPE/60 Seconds with Hope




Live Masterclass with Peggy Olisaegers

I have been working on new material for a solo work within the Sketch artist development programme at Yorkshire Dance.

Sketch gave five individuals and one duo, the opportunity to research a new artistic idea, through dramaturgy workshops, studio space and peer support meetings. The artists as well as two observers and the artistic team at Yorkshire Dance worked with renowned dance dramaturg Peggy Olisaegers over a total of 4 days in the studio.

“What Peggy provided was a magnifying glass for the artists to hold over their work and really inspect it and explode its potential, both on their own and by inviting others into their ‘desired process’. The saying ‘the devil is in the detail’ is definitely true as far as Peggy is concerned and the range of tools she provided allowed us to really interrogate the various works we were seeing. This culminated with a live masterclass, using Grace and Carlos Pons Guerra as the test cases.” Yorkshire Dance