“…she’s such a mistress of precision mis-timings”

4×4 Residency with BodySurf Scotland

I was chosen for the 4×4 Dance Body & Environment Artist in Residence Programme and spent two weeks in Findhorn, Scotland in the freezing November winds.

This was a great place to assess my practice, starting with personal concerns of the heart-breaking disregard for the natural world, and the microscopic triumphant endeavors of life to respond as such.

The vital aspect of this residency was the opportunity for an artist with no scientific education to spend time with experts in the field. To discuss the general ideas of an enthusiast with a specialist creates possibilities for exchange that may lead to the science and the art moving towards a symbiotic relationship.

I moved from Glasgow to West Yorkshire when I had my first child, this decision, at its most basic, was a need to move to moorland; I gave up artistic communities and living the city because I needed to be near a naturally wild landscape. Although Pollockshields is quite wild.

I would like to unpick the language that surrounds science, but of course not the ideas themselves:

Inter-species collaboration/dialogue = putting my pet in the show

Generational interconnectivity = putting my baby in the show

Process = this is taking a really long time

Findhorn 1 Findhorn 2 Findhorn 3