“…she’s such a mistress of precision mis-timings”

Municipal Constructions

Surman has worked with the film maker Graham Clayton – Chance in a number of contexts. With Municipal Constructions she collaborated as a performer and choreographer/performance director on Function and Limmat.

Municipal Constructions is the project name for Clayton Chance’s work specialising in media based, site sensitive, urban installation and performance work.


FunctionFunctionUnder the full power of light a secret witnessing of the dissection of the electrical city. The workings of a city bleed into the chambers, corridors and empty pools of a vacant Edwardian bath house as technology transforms the night. An installation work of sound, video and live performance by Graham Clayton-Chance with an original sound score by Spencer HW Marsden.  Re- imagined in 2002 for Tramway, Glasgow, using Tramway 1, the huge original Tram Shed, now Visual Art space. See image


Limmat from graham clayton-chance on Vimeo.

Commissioned by Arts Council England

Limmat is an experimental animation released as a stand alone DVD with Canadian art group Cocosolidciti. The animation explores a dystopian future and conflicts between architecture and the spectator of the city. Created using details from Brutalist structures (Trellick Tower and National Theatre) and combining them with live action in a 3D environment. The project was distributed internationally as a DVD and shown at the Bigger Picture (Cornerhouse, Manchester) and Vibe Festival (Chicago) as well as online as part of the Submarine Channels ‘Chunks’ established showcasing the best of new media art work.