“…she’s such a mistress of precision mis-timings”

Hot Lips

Hot Lips (1998)

Collaboration with Annis Joslin.

Hot Lips

Three hour performances – a lot of chewing…

Reading the “hot lops” in tray of pic-n-mix in Woolworths signals and absent body, however fictional or imagined that body may be, representing a representation of a body part, an idea of a body, a female body.

The artist stands in the furthest corner of a small space, her back is covered in hot lops stuck to her skin. Breathing, chewing and swollowing is amplified and resonates through the space.

The artist reaches and searchs for a hot lop on her back, she peelis it off and eats it. The viewer hears the act of eating through the microphone attached to her cheek.

A woman in the corner, but rather than a trapped or weakened position, we can imagine she is pushing through to another space; an imagined space.

There is tension in the artist’s body – it must go somewhere.